Monday, May 18, 2020

50+ Program - Friday 5/22 Session - Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

Date: Friday May 22nd; 9 AM - Noon

The majority of job-seekers don't have a plan for their job search. They wrote a resume and LinkedIn profile and think they are ready, but they don't really know where to begin and wage an effective and ultimately successful job search campaign.

Now is the time to plan the campaign. Pandemic or no-pandemic, the mission remains --- Create a marketing plan to get your product — you -- from the starting line to the finish line, where finish line means "an offer".

Rather than present some one-size-fits-all, pulled from a book, this session presents people who have enjoyed some success in the jobsearch. They will tell you how they did it. You can decide what steps make sense for you and your own personal journey.

Guest Speakers: Suzanne Brandt will share her recent experiences of what worked and what didn't; Patricia Buickerood will talk about understanding how your talents, interests, and experience must intersect market needs. Michael Volk will discuss dealing with unusual tax and finance issues.

Special Guest: Tim Wilson will teach us how to make rock soup (how he started his business and the challenges he's faced).

After starting his career in Information Systems, Tim moved to human resources to apply his experience in resolving system and people issues. In 1999, he launched T.A. Wilson Associates, a management consulting and organizational development firm providing solutions to business issues such as optimizing employee productivity, managing a diverse workforce, and training individuals, teams, and organizations.

Pre-Registration (once per town location) is required: The hosting town for this event is Franklin.

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50+ Program - Friday 5/22 Session - Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan
50+ Program - Friday 5/22 Session - Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

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