Thursday, June 18, 2020

FHS "Keeping Music Alive" #13

Good Morning,

Today, we have a very special posting of FHS Music Alive. In support of our Elementary and Middle School Chorus programs, we have three performances by students from that program. Included, is a beautiful, original composition and performance by Franklin High School Junior, Amanda Melmed. I have printed the lyrics written by Amanda below. She wrote about the power of music and chorus to a young student. Additionally, we have a recording by the Franklin Middle Schools Honors Chorus, recorded while home during the quarantine. Dyuthi Papineni made a video recording of herself singing "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars and dedicated it to Mrs. Hersee, her chorus teacher.

Don't forget to keep informed by following the School Committee and Town Council meetings. The next Town Council meetings are tonight and tomorrow at 7:00 PM and it will be held at Pisini Stadium at Franklin High School.


  • Horace Mann Middle School Honors Chorus - "Blackbird"
Black Bird

  • Dyuthi Papineni - 8th Grader at Horace Mann Middle School (Soon to be a freshman at FHS!!!)
Count on Me

  • Amanda Melmed - FHS Junior
"The Start"

Verse 1:
When I was a little girl, I sang with my whole heart
Knew it was my calling, yeah I knew it from the start
Need something to build me up, couldn't do it on my own
Thank god you were there for me, cause I never would've grown

Pre chorus:
I need a time to free my mind from struggles everyday,
And without choir I wouldn't be just who I am today
Trapped inside the darkness feeling crushed and all alone
Music is the only place that's given me a home

The time I spent in choir filled my heart with a desire, 
you could say it lit a fire that took me higher and higher and higher and higher
To where I'm standing now
Thanks to you I've figured out...

Music is the therapy that's keepin me alive
And when I wake up feeling grey you always paint my sky
When anxiety gets the best of me, I know I can always count on you
To see me through

Verse 3:
The friendships i have made forever touched my life
The memories that I've saved lift me up when things ain't right
I didn't know how much it would end up affecting me
But I can say for certain there's no way I'd still be me

Without the
Time I spent in choir filling my heart with a desire, 
you could say it lit a fire that took me higher and higher and higher and higher
To where I'm standing now
I'm just one out of a thou, sand

Last verse:
Hundred thousand little girls who sing with their whole heart
Know that it's their calling, but they need a place to start


Diane M. Plouffe
Director of Music
Franklin Public Schools
Franklin High School

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