Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Re-opening rolled back statewide to Phase 3, Step 1

From CommonWealth Magazine we share an article of interest for Franklin:

"FOLLOWING SIX DAYS of surging COVID-19 case numbers, Gov. Charlie Baker said on Tuesday that Massachusetts is taking a step backward in its reopening plan.

“We cannot simply wait for the vaccine to get here,” Baker said at a State House press conference. “The rate Massachusetts residents are getting infected and the rate at which they are needing medical care, if all continues to move at this pace, is simply not sustainable over time, and our health care system will be put at risk.”

The governor’s decision means the state as a whole will move on Sunday from Step 2 to Step 1 in Phase 3, a retrenchment that previously had been reserved for communities deemed high risk for COVID-19 three weeks in a row or those that made the decision on their own. Boston and Somerville rank among the latter, while Lawrence, Holyoke, and many other communities fall in the former category."

The Boston Globe has the following:
Governor Charlie Baker on Tuesday announced a series of incremental steps to curb the surge of COVID-19 infections, issuing new restrictions on a range of business activities as part of an effort to “build ourselves a bridge to the vaccine,” but stopping short of more forceful mandates.

The frightening trends in the march of the virus — underscored by the 3,627 new cases and 40 additional deaths that were announced Tuesday — mean the state cannot “simply wait for the vaccine to get here,” Baker said. “We have to do more.”
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Governor Baker's press conference where the changes were introduced and discussed with a Q&A:

Franklin's COVID-19 information page can be found

Franklin's COVID-19 information page
Franklin's COVID-19 information page

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