Sunday, December 6, 2020

New youth athletic training program at the YMCA

From Chris Raymond:

I’m reaching out from the YMCA in Franklin. I’m the new fitness director here and was hoping to share information on a new youth athletic training program at the YMCA. 

Student athletes can benefit by:
  • Gaining more confidence with strength training
  • Exercising in a safe and effective way
  • Be more active during their off season or periods of school program shut downs
  • Preparing for their season

Full Athletic Development Program - A program designed to give the student athlete or expected student athlete the foundational training for their sport. The individual will gain more confidence in their ability to strength train safety, improve overall work capacity, and stay healthy during periods of inactivity.

8 Weeks (skipping week of Christmas)
Small group training  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  from 3:30 pm to 4:15 PM

Descriptions of each day:
Day 1 – Metabolic Conditioning – Cardiovascular training for all sports. General aerobic and anaerobic conditioning will benefit all sports with an emphasis on building good technique in running, jumping, and moving laterally. A well-conditioned athlete is able to perform at higher levels with sustained effort and without fatigue.
Day 2 – Foundations of strength - Building foundational strength transcends all sports. Using basic strength building exercises, an athlete can build the right mindset with exercise, self-esteem on and off the field, and reduce the risk of injury.
Day 3 – Core and functional training - Core training that improves posture and health movement. Improve the connection gap between strength and all of it’s body segments. Not just abs but movement that helps the body move better and more efficiently.
To register for the program

New youth athletic training program at the YMCA
New youth athletic training program at the YMCA

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