Sunday, December 6, 2020

"This is the third consecutive year that the CPA match has increased"

 From the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA)

On Nov. 12, the Department of Revenue released the fiscal 2021 distribution from the Community Preservation Act Trust Fund for each participating community, with a minimum match rate of 28.6% for all municipalities.

Municipalities that adopted the CPA with a full 3% local property tax surcharge received a higher percentage.

The Division of Local Services has posted a full list of CPA distribution amounts by municipality.

The fiscal 2020 budget increased the recording fees at registries of deeds in order to provide additional revenue for the statewide CPA Trust Fund. The increase went into effect on Dec. 31, 2019, and was projected to double the amount of matching funds available to participating CPA communities. Advocates said the change would halt the trend of dropping match rates, which were headed toward a single-digit percentage.

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Franklin is in the process of setting up the Community Preservation Committee. The first reading of the bylaw to create the group came to the Council it is being revised and will return for approval. Assuming the timeline continues, Franklin should receive its first funds in the distribution in Nov 2022.

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