Wednesday, January 13, 2021

CommonWealth Magazine: Gov Baker signs six bills, more await decision; including the climate change bill

"Baker signs campus sexual assault bill, approves deal affecting craft brewers"

"GOV. CHARLIE BAKER on Tuesday signed six bills with statewide implications, including a bill to provide more rights and resources to students involved in cases of sexual misconduct on campus and a long-sought after deal between craft brewers and their distributors.

The flurry of action came on myriad bills that landed on the governor’s desk in the final days of the legislative session, which included a marathon all-night session January 5."

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"Future of food delivery fees up to Gov. Baker"
"GOV. CHARLIE BAKER will be the final arbiter of a dispute between restaurants and food delivery apps over how much the apps can charge for providing delivery services.

The economic development bill currently on Baker’s desk would impose a statewide cap on the size of fees that delivery services like GrubHub and Uber Eats can charge to restaurants during the COVID-19 emergency. Restaurants have been pushing for the cap, arguing that high delivery commissions will drive them out of business. But delivery services say if they can’t charge high commissions, they will instead have to charge consumers more or do fewer deliveries, which will then hurt the restaurants."
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"Worries mount over climate change bill"
"Could Gov. Charlie Baker veto the climate change bill?

It seems hard to believe, but several supporters of the sweeping legislation say they are hearing troubling reports coming out of the Baker administration as the clock winds down to the Thursday night deadline.

Some advocates and lawmakers, who asked not to be identified, said they are hearing the governor could possibly veto the bill. “I’m worried,” said one of the people."
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