Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Boston Globe highlights housing changes coming if Gov Baker signs new law

The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) tweeted on Mon, Jan 11, 2021: "New law would require high density housing near T stations https://t.co/cRAFw4Yf7V"
"For years, housing advocates have argued that one of the smartest ways to tackle Greater Boston’s housing crisis is to make cities and towns that are served by the MBTA build more housing near subway and train stations.

Last week, their wish was granted. At least for now.

Tucked into the 101-page economic development bill passed by the Legislature at the end of its session in the wee hours of Jan. 6 was a measure that would require municipalities served by the T to allow denser housing in at least one district near a station. It’s a measure that could eventually create thousands of apartments and condos in Boston-area suburbs, if it gets Governor Charlie Baker’s signature."
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Direct link to legislation document awaiting signature

The move should be approached cautiously to avoid unintended consequences (like gentrification). This was highlighted at least in 2014 with this Boston Globe article:
"Trains can make neighborhoods, by connecting residents to jobs and enabling an intensity of development that isn’t possible in places where residents are handcuffed to their cars. But trains can also break neighborhoods, because gentrification often comes hitched to the back of a rail car. If a city greets new transit with indifference, the most vulnerable residents around a new station don’t stand a chance of remaining in their neighborhood.

Boston is facing that dynamic because subway-like rail service will soon come to the Fairmount Line. The city is scrambling to find a way to harness the Fairmount’s economic potential without triggering runaway gentrification."
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