Monday, January 11, 2021

DPW installed rain garden at end of Griffin Road

"Things we do that you may never see or know about!
The Franklin Department of Public Works is installing a new "rain garden" at the end of Griffin Road. This rain garden will treat stormwater pollution from Griffin Road and Matthew Drive. The rain garden will then allow treated water to slowly seep into the aquifer under the Town that we can use as drinking water.
The cool part is all the construction materials needed for this project is being paid for by a $112,000.00 competitive grant that the we were awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for innovation and creativity for this project and others in Town."
Shared from the DPW Facebook posting:

My photo album (2 photos from November, and more from this weekend)

a view of the new rain garden on Griffin Road
a view of the new rain garden on Griffin Road

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