Friday, January 15, 2021

Finance Committee - Jan 13, 2021 - meeting recap = storm water utility fee and COVID-19 updates

Quick Recap:
  • Storm water utility fee update provided prior to presenting to Town Council
  • Overview of program as it developed, held info sessions during 2020, and is ready for Town Council discussion
  • Check out the Storm water maps to check your property (link below)
  • Curious to see what the credits will look like; in particular, in my own case, to see what the approved pervious pavers would be. I was to redo my driveway and to get a way from blacktop might be doable.
  • COVID-19 vaccines started in distribution to first responders on Weds at FHS with over 200 delivered.
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one folder

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #fincom0113
  • Real time reporting underway for the Finance Committee meeting. #fincom0113 main topic tonight is storm water. Jamie touts a doc released today (maybe to the committee) that will lay out the financial impacts
storm water utility fee
  • #fincom0113 DPW Director Cantoreggi reviewing the storm water presentation seen previously and adding updates where things have changed. Copy of presentation in agenda doc 
  • #fincom113 all of the storm water mitigation currently in the operating budget. Approx. $1.2m for storm water in budget for this.
  • With roadmap and progress you can show the effort to the EPA as mitigation for the permit issued to clean up the Charles River. Residential property less impervious property #fincom0113 reducing phosphorus is key. When asked if the town forest should be raked the EPA was quiet
  • #fincom0113 leaf pickup not in the first pass of the plan. Q Will we ever be done with the EPA? Maybe but these tend to be moving targets and something else could come along. So it doesn't seem like the fee would go away ever
  • Utility fee is much more equitable. Post office doesn't pay taxes, but will pay this utility fee. #fincom0113 yes, there will be a previous paver listing for approved credit against the fee
  • #fincom0113 Councilor Hamblen, had been chair for the ad-hoc Committee that worked on the utility fee. The fee for this will possibly be the lowest of the communities implementing a fee. Refers to the storm water page for additional info, pro/con, FAQs...
  • For reference, the storm water page can be found #fincom0113 SQ footage of impervious surface on the property would equate to billable units - check out the map for your property to see if it makes sense. There may be errors, and they should be raised
  • Over a period of time, the ops budget for storm water would move to the storm water utility enterprise fund. Working to balance the sensitivity of the dollar impact. #fincom0113 discount would be equally applicable for storm water and other services for those eligible
  • It will take time for the fee to settle some market forces will play, cost of services applicable, #fincom0113 storm water director and four personnel, likely some may transfer from other depts to this, and when remains to be seen.
  • Initial presentation showed $2.3m and taking the leaf pickup out brought it to $1.2m #fincom0113 
COVID-19 update
  • Clinic at FHS did 200 vaccines for first responders today. Bellingham Milford Millis Medway and Franklin served collaboratively
  • Wait 28 days for 2nd shot for first responders, other smaller groups will be covered. Phase 2 is end of Feb/Mar. Can't answer yet as they don't have the info and guidelines to prepare yet. #fincom0113
  • It is time to pay attention as the vaccine and delivery is underway, the regs are changing daily, sometimes multiple within the day. #fincom0113 This is hard, we have never done this before. Voluntary now, no mandate now. Stay tuned.
  • Q schools have seen issues with staffing schools due to either contact or sickness, have we had any of that on the municipal side. Per Jamie, #s will change again as there is a 100 new cases here. #fincom0113 what the Federal govt will do after the 20th remains to be seen
  • Money for CARES extended a year, so what we haven't spent we have time to do. Materials delivered for the campus school UV upgrades. #fincom0113 misc financial topics coming up next time can do an FY 2022 budget forecast in Feb, Gov Baker will have released his
  • How do we compare with other similar towns re: reserve amounts or stabilization funds. #fincom0113 Motion to adjourn, passed
  • Swivel seat to do listening session starting now. #edc0113
  • Completing the #fincom0113 session earlier, with view provided unable to determine full attendance of Committee hence vote counts not included. All (x = ?) present voted.
The doc released for the Finance Committee meeting and background links 

one slide of the presentation deck, and yes, the Charles begins here in Frankli
one slide of the presentation deck, and yes, the Charles begins here in Franklin

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