Monday, January 18, 2021

Franklin TV: Building Back Better Than Ever!

Looking back, looking ahead – things are looking up. 
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 01/17/2021

A year ago at this time we began worrying about this new virus cum pandemic. Eleven months ago we shut down. Our studios remain closed.  They will likely remain closed well into Spring – perhaps longer. Our TV and radio studios are dark. Painful, but necessary.

Along the way we have had to pivot – shift gears – call it what you will, but this new normal that is still defining itself has forced us to revisit everything that we do. Our technical facilities and operations had to be reworked from the ground up – quickly.

First up – Get the radio station reworked to enable remote operations from homes. Franklin Public Radio relies on volunteers to create our weekly programming heard on Since last year our volunteers have risen from 17 to 30, almost double. Their programming has expanded from four days to span the entire week.

Town Chambers required a significant facility redesign to incorporate live remote interaction between residents and meeting officials via Zoom. This was done with permanence in mind, providing greatly valued, very convenient access for all. There are more planned improvements pending through Spring. We have also upgraded our website, adding live streaming in HD for all three of our channels as well as video-on-demand service for our programs and government meetings.

More recently, we have also added live high school sports coverage for parents who can’t attend our Panther games. We are continuing to refine and expand this effort. We are working with neighboring towns to carry the ‘away’ games as well. Like our radio and government efforts, this also is a permanent change for the better.

Change happens. Each and every day we make choices – to have that change affect us as it will, or to drive that change toward a direction of our choosing; converting the daunting challenges of unexpected change into newfound opportunities for growth. Given all that has happened to us in 2020 – and all that we have made happen - and all that we will continue to make happen in 2021 – I am enthused – and grateful. IMHO, 2021 and beyond will be nothing short of amazing – for all of us.

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Franklin TV: Building Back Better Than Ever!
Franklin TV: Building Back Better Than Ever!

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