Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Project Envoy: eat out/take out, help out

When times are tough, folks get together to help out. 

Many folks will recognize the Franklin Interfaith Council as the collective of our local houses of worship. Members representing many of the church communities formed a Food Security Team.

The question was: "How to help the Franklin Food Pantry and the local restaurants both of which are being challenged by this pandemic?"

Project Envoy was conceived.

Project Envoy will advertise participation for specials at the participating restaurants. Folks can eat out or take out. A portion of the meal will help the Franklin Food Pantry for a win-win. 

The Franklin Food Pantry will maintain a web page with the participating restaurants and  specials. 

Members of the newly formed Franklin Interfaith Food Security Team have contacted all locally owned restaurants and establishments in Franklin. 

At the moment, Project Envoy has 8 confirmed restaurants enrolled, there are conversations with others underway. 

Project Envoy is expected to formally launch on February 1. You don't need to wait until then. You can eat out/take out and help out now. 

The 8 confirmed restaurants are: Dacey's Market, Franklin Pizza and Deli, Santa Fe, Rome, Acapulco, Franklin Central Pizza; George's Pizza; and Intermission Cafe

The Food Security Team members represent: St. Mary’s Parish, St. John’s Episcopal, Temple Etz Chaim, the First Universalist Society in Franklin, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, and the Franklin Federated Church.

Project Envoy: eat out/take out, help out
Project Envoy: eat out/take out, help out

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