Thursday, February 4, 2021

“Look, I’m not happy with where we are”


"Disappointed with the state’s COVID-19 vaccination drive so far, Governor Charlie Baker on Wednesday said officials are redirecting large quantities of unused doses now sitting in freezers to doctors and pharmacies, including many in communities hardest hit by the coronavirus.

They’re also designating specific days for local residents, especially people of color, to get shots at the new mass vaccination site at the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury, following reports that many who booked initial appointments there were white people from surrounding communities.

The steps come as the Baker administration moves into a new phase of its vaccine rollout in which many more people will qualify for shots, starting with about 450,000 residents age 75 and over. But complaints have been mounting about the difficulty booking appointments and the relatively small percentage of people of color who have been vaccinated."
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The Town of Franklin vaccination information page
As noted in the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, the Town is positioned to deliver vaccines, it only needs to be supplied with the doses.

Gov Baker's press conference from Fenway Park on Wednesday => 

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