Sunday, February 14, 2021

Shopping? Think Long!

Save some money, and just perhaps save your life? 
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director  - 02/14/2021

In this ever-more complicated world I seek simplicity. I like simple. It’s my thing. When you discover a simpler way to do something or save some time or a few dollars, that’s a good day.

It seems there’s nothing simple about the C19 virus. Even in our push toward mass vaccination there is complexity. The virus threatens us with mutation, and the looming possibility that its eradication may be more complex than we thought. The end is less clear. The need to remain vigilant and distant goes on. Washing our hands, disinfecting surfaces, masking, now double-masking. The risk of contagion is rising. Yet somehow, we still need to go about the ordinary business of our daily lives.

There’s asimple shopping habit I learned many moons ago. If I need one, buy three or four. Is it small? Is it inexpensive? Will it keep? How long? Will I eventually use it all? If yes, buy more. Make a checklist of these common items. Is it on sale? Bonus! This is about simplicity and efficiency – and in these times, some added safety. The store is among the most public of places that we frequent regularly. Reduce the frequency, reduce your risk of infection. Not all of us can or want to shop online.

When you do go to the store, make that trip more productive. You will find that by working the long game with your shopping list, life becomes a bit simpler (and safer). Fewer trips to the store(s) saves money through sales and BOGO (Buy One – Get One) discounts. You also save money on gas.

Most kitchens have cabinets wrapping the walls. A century ago, the typical kitchen had a walk-in pantry. Do you have space that can become a longer-term pantry? That’s where you keep your checklist. That’s where you can plan what to stock as you head out to the store.

Yes, this all sounds stupidly simple. Duh! But, here’s a real statistic worth knowing. Trips to the store – down fifty percent.

That saves you more time, more money – and these days, a bit more safety.

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Shopping? Think Long!
Shopping? Think Long!

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