Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Hey Franklin, you can help with this request

"Hi there. I'm wondering if you can help me. 
My father in law just passed away and one of his last requests was for us to be sure to tell a man named Ed Beksha from Franklin, used to own the Uptowne Pub. I found a land line for him, but it was disconnected. 
I don't see anyone by his name on Facebook. I'm hoping since you're from Franklin, hopefully you're a "townie" and may either know this man or know how I can get in touch with him? 
Apparently he and my father in law were army buddies, and very good friends. my father in law said Ed Beksha would want to know when he passed. thank you in advance. By the way, my father in law is Karl Backlund Sr.   
In kindness,  
Wendy Backlund"

If anyone does have information for Wendy, let me know. I have contact information for her

Hey Franklin, you can help with this request
Hey Franklin, you can help with this request


  1. We are showing him at 45 Stone Ridge Rd. The name is all over Google, not hard to find.

    Ken Norman

    1. Thanks, the connection was made within 30 minutes of sharing this on the FM Facebook page.