Thursday, April 8, 2021

Town of Franklin, MA: Quarterly Aggregation Report

"The ToF's Quarterly Aggregation Report provides a summary of the Nov & Dec electrical savings vs National Grid rates. Franklin chose a 100% green product that supports renewable energy, with 100% of the power supply being offset by National Wind Renewable Energy Certificates. "


"This report has been prepared by Colonial Power Group with information/data being provided by the Competitive Supplier and National Grid. The purpose of the report is to provide information about the Town of Franklin's Community Choice Power Supply Program, which currently provides competitive power supply to approximately 9,850 customers in the Town. The data provided by the Competitive Supplier is not available until three months after the month it is used. For example, power is Used in January, Invoiced in February, Paid in March and Reported in April" 

Read the full report on the Town of Franklin page:

By my calculations, for the simple act of not opting out, Franklin residential rate payers saved approx. $12 in Nov and $11 in Dec 2020. Not bad at all. Even if there is a more conservative savings estimate of $10/month, that works out to be $1200/year for green (wind) electricity.

(Understanding oi course, that some residential electric user have existing contracts from which they could not change. Once those agreements reach their end of life, the option to opt in will still be available.)

Town of Franklin, MA: Quarterly Aggregation Report
Town of Franklin, MA: Quarterly Aggregation Report113602

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