Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Recap: Community Preservation Committee meeting Apr 6, 2021

Quick Recap:
  • Schedule of meetings for the remainder of this calendar year set and approved
  • Discussed and approved first budget for FY 2022, funds start accruing in July and won't be available until 4Q 2022 along with the State match
  • Video issue with Zoom in the Chambers paused meeting briefly as that system was needed to present/share the open space document
  • Presentation and discussion on open space, screen grabs in photo gallery, presentation doc to be posted to Town web page Wednesday and added here when available
  • Discussion on Chapter 61 and the nuances issues around contact and notifications. Conservation Commission did previously participate in a State workshop and has the documents from that. The Agriculture Commission also did a reach out to land owners of more than 7 acres to create awareness of the Chap 61 option.
As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album:
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #cpc0406

Open Space presentation

  • Community Preservation Committee meeting coming up at 7 PM. The agenda doc #cpc0406
  • Meeting opens, one member remote. #cpc0406 minutes approved via roll call unanimous. 9-0 Meeting schedule discussion to cancel Jul and Aug meeting, moving the housing discussion to the Sep meeting. Motion to approve, passes 9-0 via roll call
  • Problem with Zoom video only on zoom tonight, the live stream is showing good video. #cpc0406
  • Motion on budget, seconded, passes via roll call #cpc0406 Quick break in meeting to address laptop issue, as mentioned not showing the room on Zoom (live stream fine) which also affects their presentation of the next item
  • Back in meeting, video fixed, so the presentation can be shown #cpc0406
  • Presentation copy to be posted to town web on Weds #cpc0406
  • More pages #cpc0406
  • Carly Fisher, Ag comm, provides update on what they did for Chap 61 notifications to lands of over 7 acres on what could be done to bring it to chapter. #cpc0406 Q on Davis Thayer and status? School Committee controls still, until they move, nothing for town to do
  • Discussion on use as possible police station, wherever it could be $20-30m and hence a building debt exclusion for that amount. #cpc0406 the civic center has eroded due to the growth of Dean (mostly true) interesting perspective shared
  • #cpc0406 entertain motion to adjourn, via roll call passes 9-0 That's all for tonight catch you next time! 


Recap: Community Preservation Committee meeting Apr 6, 2021
Recap: Community Preservation Committee meeting Apr 6, 2021

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