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Recap of Capital Budget Subcommittee meeting - Mar 31, 2021

Quick Recap:
  • A question on a technology item requested could not be answered as the Technology Director was not present. It was put aside with all the other school items until it could be. Later in the meeting the other school items were approved holding off on the one item in question.
  • Dean College will be asked for a "pilot" payment in lie of taxes to purchase a vehicle for the Fire Dept. 
  • Some items previously approved for borrowing (municipal building windows for example) are now being proposed to pay from 'free cash' as a may to further save money on financing
  • Neighborhood meeting set for the Machintosh Road section where water main work is underway. The contractor has caused two water main breaks so far as there are limited marking for where the line is, and the line in concrete and can't be located via technology
  • Capital budget items approved (aside from the one Tech item). There will be a follow up meeting on the remaining available free cash for capital requests.The listing of items not funded from each department is long. Concern about how to address this "unless the money gods come in"

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album:
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #cbsc0331

  • Real time reporting underway for the Town Council Capital Budget Subcommittee meeting now starting #cbsc0331
  • The agenda and docs released for the meeting can be found on the Town page #cbsc0331
  • OPEB report in April at the Town Council meeting on Apr 14, what is the outstanding requirements will be answered at that time. #cbsc0331
  • Town Administrator reviewing the memo outlining the current requests. An update that the school vans bid came in at $90K (vs $120k) in the doc #cbsc0331 Q on the technology items they are being held until Tech director can participate and explain
  • Apparently the Tech director had missed the meeting last year hence the hold on the tech item. Q follow questions on the school vans and plans for overall replacement. #cbsc0331 M D'Angelo explaining the curtain for HMMS
  • Moving to the facility dept section on the municipal bldg window replacements due to poor or non-existent flashing when building was installed. #cbsc0331
  • The municipal bldg had been approved last year for financing and this year with costs lower determining to use capital and save additional $s. #cbsc0331 BTW, Chair Pellegri leads meeting, Dellorco, Chandler, and Kelly present in Chambers so no roll call votes needed
  • Entire set of school items were put aside pending the Tech Director appearance. #cbsc0331 the building was approved by a 4-0 vote. Now to Fire Dept. Chandler asking if Dean would be willing to buy a vehicle as a 'pilot' payment in lieu of taxes.
  • Motion on fire dept requests, second, passes 4-0. #cbsc0331 Moving to Police dept Top of page 6 in the doc shared earlier.
  • #cbsc0331 surplus vehicles usually auctioned off with funds going to general fund. Vests are reimbursed after submitting purchase proof. State and Federal have grants for these, both haven't been available each year. Need to front the money first
  • Police Station would be a timing issue as to when would we go to the community for a ballot question to replace it. Council would need to discuss further so everyone understands what the options are. A study would answer most questions or at least provide the #s for #cbsc0331
  • Police replacement vehicles are all SUVs. Spare radios are reused when appropriate, i.e. within schools No body cameras in use, police reform commission will provide guidance. The storage for the cameras is really the cost, and then the system manager to view, etc. #cbsc0331
  • Motion on the police dept capital request, second, passes 4-0 #cbsc0331 Going back to schools, TA realized they didn't vote, did vote to approve those School items except the tech items. Passes 4-0
  • Moving to DPW section, beginning bottom of page 6 in doc shared earlier. #cbsc0331 T 5 truck just died and wont pass inspection, just happened last week. This had been prepared for FinComm meeting a couple of weeks ago. Could set up more stabilization accounts 4 a purpose
  • Moving to water enterprise funds, from retained earnings within the fund all funded from the user based fees for water. #cbsc0331 Lincoln Street was done last year during the pandemic, early and under budget. To avoid using bonding to pay for some of these, using the cash
  • Contractor hitting the water main as it is an old pipe, not well marked, can't be found with tech; neighborhood meeting scheduled for next week to help with Communications with the residents. #cbsc0331 did get all funds from Garelic due from the bankruptcy, except 4 penalties
  • Motion on the water fund capital request, approved 4-0. Sewer line items up next, something of a catch up year. Includes a peer review of the Beaver St interceptor project. #cbsc0331 these funds do maintain the $1m balance within the funds
  • Sewer fund request passes 4-0. Motion to adjourn, passes 4-0 That's all for tonight catch you next time!


Note: according to my notes the Capital Budget meeting held in June 2020 had no departmental representation for the discussion. The Budget SubCommittee meeting in Sep 2020 was likely the one referred to as lacking the Technology/Schools representation. Oddly this time (Mar 31, 2021 -School Dept personnel were present to answer question on the school vans purchase request. The item left as an unanswered question was a technology piece covering both School and Town side of the network.)  The meeting archive has all the links for the meeting notes and audio where available

Chair Pellegri opens meeting
Chair Pellegri opens meeting

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