Meeting Notes

The collection of meeting notes by calendar year (most recent to oldest) going back to 2008


*** 2022 ***

Board of Health (BoH)

(usually meetings the 1st Weds of month)

Community Preservation Committee (CPC)

(usually meeting on Tuesday to avoid conflict with other meetings)

Council on Aging

Finance Committee (FinCom)

Franklin Housing Authority (FHA)

School Committee (SchCom)

(usually meeting on 2nd/4th Tuesdays)

School Committee: Space Needs Subcommittee

Town Council (TC)

(usually meeting on 1st/3rd Wednesdays)

Town Council Quarterbacking

(usually recorded the day after a Town Council meeting)

Economic Development Subcommittee (EDC)

(usually on a Wednesday before a Town Council meeting)

Budget/Capital Subcommittees (BSC/CBSC)

Ad hoc Procedure Review & TA Review

  *** 2021 ***

Board of Health (BOH)

Community Preservation Committee

Finance Committee (FinCom)

** School Committee (SchComm) (usually 2nd/4th Tuesday of month; exceptions noted)

    Budget Subcommittee (BSC)

    Davis Thayer Facility Analysis SubCommittee  (DTFA)

    Community Relations SubCommittee  (CRSC)

** Town Council (TC) (usually 1st/3rd Wednesday of month, exceptions noted)

   Town Council Quarterbacking

A series of conversations with the Town Council Chair Tom Mercer to recap what happened at the prior Town Council meeting

Economic Development Subcommittee (EDC)

    Joint Budget Subcommittee (JBC) / Budget Subcommittee (BSC) / Capital Budget SubCommittee (CBSC)

 *** 2020 ***

The Election Collection for 2020

Board of Health (BOH)

Economic Development Subcommittee (EDC)

Finance Committee (FinCom)

Regular meetings 

Budget Hearing #4 - 6/04/20

Budget hearing #3 - 6/02/20

Budget hearing #2 - 5/28/20

Budget hearing #1 - 5/27/20

    Joint Budget Subcommittee (JBC)
    / Budget Subcommittee

    School Committee (SchComm) - budget subcommittee

    Stormwater Ad hoc Subcommittee

    Davis Thayer Facility Analysis SubCommittee

    School Committee (SchComm)

    Town Council (TC)

    ** 2019

    Franklin Election Collection - 2019

      School Committee Legislative Forum on Education Funding - Feb 5, 2019

      Office of Campaign and Political Finance - Dec 11 (audio)

      Economic Development Subcommittee (of the Town Council)

      Finance Committee (FinCom)

      School Committee  (SchCom)

      Town Council (TC)

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