Friday, November 20, 2020

Town Council Budget Subcommittee - meeting recap - Nov 18, 2020

Quick recap:
  •  "incredibly good news" on FY 2021 budget compared to what had been feared in June 2020
  • Added back $75K to both Town Clerk and Recreation budgets based upon requirements and changes due to the pandemic
  • Adjusted new growth number back upwards and then recommended to set aside $850K in the Budget Stabilization account. This had been emptied by withdrawals to balance the recent budgets

Budget Subcommittee agenda and supporting documents:

Photos captured during the meeting and shared with the Twitter thread can be found online

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #bsc1118

  • Chair Matt Kelly opens meeting reading protocol statement and connection info #bsc1118
  • Town Administrator Jamie Hellen provides update on FY 2021, "incredibly good news". 2 minor adjustments for budget to Town Clerk and Recreation budget lines. Also recommending putting $850K into budget stabilization fund #bsc1118
  • Major change in calculation comes from adjusted new growth over what had been the forecast at the beginning of the pandemic. Effectively, building for the most part has continued hence the growth adjustment #bsc1118 hotel/motel revenue down and no surprise there
  • Revenue sheet talked to by Jamie #bsc1118
  • Additional sheets with COVID federal funding accounted for which all dries up 12/31/20. #bsc1118 Federal action may happen but not willing to bet on it. Q on CARES act what happens in Jan, can still apply for FEMA reimbursement. At some point that will also run dry
  • Looking at run rate, we could need $1M to $1.5 M in the capital funding that we don't propose using until we know more. #bsc1118 global supply is getting tough, supplies are getting hard to come by. After winter with snow/ice behind us, we could look at capital
  • Otherwise we have the funding set aside to prepare for some contingency. Health insurance also a positive move and credit to the Human Resources dept and insurance group. Unemployment insurance is one area over budget #bsc1118 anticipating to level out over the year
  • Schools did have layoffs, town did some furloughs, likely to be able to bring the Library folks in Jan 2021. Q on maintenance contracts requiring extension in lieu of the capital budget on hold. No issues raised from department heads at this time. #bsc1118
  • Would still like to see equipment requests for capital rather than wait. #bsc1118 Kelly - we need to thank the town folks for asking the hard questions; making the adjustments. "We got $200k less than last year and Wayland gets more. I don't think they are fighting hard enough"
  • #bsc1118 thanks for keeping folks in Franklin out of an override once again. Memo coming to outline a budget calendar, we will get the full plan on capital requests. Will have likely in Jan, three votes in recommendations.
  • #bsc1118 motion to add $75k for recreation budget; motion to add $75k for town clerk budget; motion for setting $853k to budget stabilization fund; all three motions passed - possible vote 3-0 for sure, Kelly, Hamblen, Mercer, didn't see anyone else (Note: Pellegri is listed as a member, was at Town Council meeting after but did not speak or was shown via the broadcast for this meeting)
  • Motion to adjourn, passed (same 3-0) vote. Catch you shortly at Town Council meeting at 7. #bsc1118


sheet showing the two additions of $75 and the set aside of $850K
sheet showing the two additions of $75 and the set aside of $850K

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