Thursday, November 19, 2020

Voices of Franklin: KP Sompally - Keep Franklin Beautiful

Several community members and I have been raising awareness to seek participation towards establishing an initiative surrounding the goal of keeping Franklin beautiful. Through our collective efforts, we as a community intend to maintain cleanliness throughout the town of Franklin during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. We intend to meet during the first Saturday of each month during these seasons and will work together to clean up public areas of our community. Due to the pandemic, we are currently working with a limited number of volunteers for general safety of our community.

The net impact brought upon by this initiative is heavily reliant on the collective effort of volunteers and the active participation of our residents. If interested in joining us in our mission to keep our community clean, please reach out via email at,, those who are interested will be periodically updated with the list of volunteers, progress and milestones accomplished during the cleaning process and the opportunity to reflect and develop our general shared goals and ideas. Join us and help us keep our community clean!!!


Keep Franklin Beautiful
Keep Franklin Beautiful

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