Friday, November 20, 2020

Finance Committee meeting recap - Nov 17, 2020

Quick Recap:

  • The Finance Committee gets an update on the Beaver St interceptor, effectively a shorter and concise review of what the Town Council received at their Oct 21, 2020 meeting.
  • The finance options are expected to be ready in January 2021. It is likely that the sewer rate payers will absorb the cost of the project as it is user based. A better understanding of how much is due in January.
  • The balance of the meeting was discussion on topics for future meetings.

The Oct 21, 2020 Town Council meeting segment with the Beaver St interceptor presentation and discussion

The Finance Committee posted agenda including the interceptor project presentation document

Photos of the meeting shared via Twitter can be found in one album

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #fincom1117

  • #fincom1117 meeting starts on time
  • Town Administrator Jamie Hellen also remote for this meeting #fincom1117
  • Jamie provides an overview of the presentation and introduces Brutus who will get into the details. Finance plan desired for Town Council discussion on Jan 2021 #fincom1117
  • Interceptor over 100 years old, did well but is in need of repair/ replacement before something major happens. Couldn't have been built in a worse spot. I&I has overtime taken 1m gallons of flow out of the pipe. #fincom1117
  • Interesting slide depicts the flow high to low, all gravity fed. Also the brown on top shows how deep the pipe is, and an indication of the trouble to repair (i.e. access to it) #fincom1117
  • #fincom1117 three options/alternatives for work: attempting to do pro/con analysis for the options to develop a weighed average
  • Catching up to this meeting status, distracted by hearing about the #schcomm1117 workshop that was canceled and I did not find out about. Brutus did finish his overview, stay tuned for the real finance details sometime in Jan 2021. Now on discussion of future topics
  • Mention of SchComm budget workshop now scheduled for December 1. #schcomm1117 #fincom1117
  • #fincom1117 question for future SchComm update can cover; what are steps and lanes? also how are we keeping the three small schools when we have lost about 1200 students over the years? buildings are expensive, principals are also?
  • "This is must see TV" the tax rate hearing may generate interest. #fincom1117 discussion on getting interest, this is where it happens. Motion to adjourn, seconded, passed So that will be all for tonight folks. One full meeting and one partial wait for, catch you next time

key slide shows the gravity flow of the sewerage along with the depth of the service access points
key slide shows the gravity flow of the sewerage along with the depth of the service access points

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