Sunday, November 15, 2020

I Leave You Now - The Silent Sleep of Trees

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director   11/15/2020

I leave you now. ‘tis time to leave.
I leave – that you alone may grieve 
the waning loss of warmth and light, 
and lenghtening of Winter night.

This moment left to cherish 
in the fading of the lush,
and bright chromatic flourish I leave, 
with whispered rush.

My emblematic red and gold 
that rustle ‘round to fall and fold 
in swirly-whirly waves of wind
my crested crown has fallen, thinned.

I leave you now, with one lament. 
These remnants of a Summer spent,
I leave them all, my last release 
of glory, reconciled in peace.

When naked branches, Winter-stark
defy the sky’s encroaching dark. 
Remember Now – This now – This time 
This last autumnal lilt, sublime.

I leave you now, I leave to sleep 
that Winter slumber, soft and deep.

On Spring’s return we meet again. 
to grow again – renew and then 
rejoice the rising of the days.
But, here and now, I leave, ablaze.

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I Leave You Now  - The Silent Sleep of Trees.
 I Leave You Now  - The Silent Sleep of Trees

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