Wednesday, November 18, 2020

"served at the district court level before climbing the ranks"

From CommonWealth Magazine we share an article of interest for Franklin:

"SERGE GEORGES JR.’S nomination to the Supreme Judicial Court is poised to make history in more ways than one.

Georges, announced Tuesday as the latest pick from Gov. Charlie Baker to fill existing or impending vacancies, would join only a handful of district court judges in Massachusetts ever elevated to the state’s highest court in its lengthy history.

Depending on the confirmation timeline, his ascension to the SJC could make him the seventh and final sitting member of the court appointed by Baker, giving the governor a potentially unprecedented clean sweep of the entire panel.

Georges would also recast the balance of representation on the SJC. As the son of Haitian immigrants, he could become the court’s third non-white justice alongside Justice Kimberly Budd, whose confirmation as chief justice is expected Wednesday, and another Baker nominee, Appeals Court Judge Dalila Argaez Wendlandt"
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