Friday, January 28, 2022

Recap: Procedure review completed; Town Administrator review previewed

Quick Recap:
  • In back to back meetings on Wednesday, two subcommittees of the Town Council completed discussion on their tasks
  • First, the Procedural Review picked up from their Dec meeting to complete review of the current document and make mostly minor and/or technical revisions. One key component is to expand the remote participation up to "no more than 4". Pre-pandemic only one councilor was allowed to participate via phone remotely. Now, with Zoom in place, the limit can be raised to 4. Still need to maintain a physical quorum in the room
  • This is also pending further review depending upon what the State House does with the Open Meeting Law requirements with the current pandemic exceptions expiring in April (or June?)
  • The procedure doc changes as drafted by the subcommittee will be reviewed at a meeting Feb 2, before the full council session at 7, and scheduled for full discussion with the Council
  • Second, the Ad Hoc Town Administrator Review subcommittee met to review the performance and accomplishments of Jamie Hellen
  • Jamie insisted that his review is a reflection of the overall town personnel in providing service to the community. When pressed if he had any plans to leave, he said no. Paraphrasing - I don't take things for granted, it has been most rewarding here, we are rooted in MA, if I had my druthers, I'd stay here. I am still young. #tctar0126 I'd be more than honored to serve here at your discretion.
  • The full review write up is currently planned to be brought to the Town Council for the Feb 16 meeting for their full discussion and approval

The combined Twitter thread for the two meetings is located here (below).

The audio recording of the TA review meeting will be available in a couple of days.


Town Administrator Jamie Hellen updating the Council at a recent meeting
Town Administrator Jamie Hellen updating the Council at a recent meeting

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