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Town Council - Jan 30, 2019 - Recap

Swearing In

One of the nice points to open the Town Council meeting was the swearing in of two new Deputy Chiefs for the Fire Dept: James Klich, Joseph Barbieri. This was anticipated from the announcement at the Finance Committee meeting held at the Senior Center a couple of weeks ago.

Assistant Town Clerk Nancy Danelo (in blue) swearing in the new Deputy chiefs
Assistant Town Clerk Nancy Danelo (in blue) swearing in the new Deputy chiefs
Road acceptances

The Town council then opened several public hearings to formal discuss the acceptance of several roads that are currently not owned by the Town. This is minimal risk for the residents. When the town accepts the roads, then the maintenance and repairs are covered by the town. For some reason in the past, the developer never completed the paperwork to turn over the roads. 

This has been a slow and tedious process as Franklin works slowly eliminating the backlog left by various developers. The town will do plowing and potholes but if road needs to be rebuilt, it is not done unless the town owns the road.

There was a correction of "Carter" to 'Canter" way. it is correct in the actual resolution, only the agenda listing was incorrect.

The Council adjusted the agenda to vote on the road acceptances and let the residents leave the meeting early.

Water Works

Next up was the DPW and their presentation on the overall water supply and plans for the next round of improvements. As you may recall the road rebuilds are coordinated with physical road requirements as well as the water pipe and sewer considerations. Page 17 shows the current plan road by road over the next several years.

Also discussed was the water treatment facility for wells 3 and 6. Related to water is sewer and the major expense coming will be the replacement of the Beaver St connector which is over 100 years old.

Capital budget

The Town  Council then got to the financial business of approving the use of $2.2M of the free cash along with allocations from the water and sewer funds to meet the total of $4.5M of capital requirements.  The Finance Committee had already heard the details from each of the departments on their requests. The recordings of both meetings were share here earlier.

Additional transactions to allocate some of the free cash to make the annual deposits on the field turf replacements, the Fire truck replacement, and the contribution to OPEB funding.

Town Council Actions Taken

My notes reported live during the meeting:

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