Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Recap: Community Preservation Committee opens first hearing how CPA funds should be used (audio)

Quick Recap:
  • First of two public hearings opened Tuesday, Jan 4, 2022. Residents made several suggestions for use of the CPA money to be available later this year. The second hearing is scheduled for Jan 18.
  • This is the first time the Town of Franklin is doing this process but it seems will be great opportunity for residents to get into the discussion on prioritization of what money goes where for which items; open space (i.e. Maple Hill - done), recreation (more pickleball courts were top item at hearing), preservation (Museum or Red Brick School previously mentioned as possible), or housing (needs for more housing and more affordable previously raised).
  • Town Administrator Jamie Hellen cautioned that the projects will need to layout to allow for Town personnel to handle them, they all can't be done at once. Part of the prioritization will be which project to be set, in which area of Town, and for which need to ensure some equitable distribution. An example, don't add more pickleball courts to King St as that would be the only location, spread them out around Town.

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting via the Zoom conference bridge. 
The Twitter hashtag #cpc0104 can be found online. The thread begins with 

  • Getting ready for the first of two public hearings to start development of the Community Preservation Committee project list, some of which could be funded when the CPA funds become available in 4Q 2022. #cpc0104 agenda doc ->
  • First hearing begins at 7 PM tonight, second same time on Jan 18. #cpc0104 audio recording of overview of committee work with three members here
  • Meeting broadcast available in multiple ways; 1- cable via local Comcast or Verizon govt channel, 2- Zoom (info in agenda doc) or 3- live stream via Franklin TV… #cpc0104
  • Chair Feeley opens meeting; TA Hellen provides overview of meeting tonight, format and background on process as this is the first time through the CPA timeline. #cpc0104
  • M Ryan resident proposing additional three pickleball courts, with lights, potentially at King St where others are already today. #cpc0104 allows for play across all age levels, all you need it court, ball and paddle. Fastest growing sport in America. 16 communities used …
  • CPA funds for courts thus far. Can't always get a spot in Franklin, waiting list for clinics and leagues here, lights enable expansion of playing hours. Randolph spent $51K in 2019 for three courts, may be a worthy estimate. #cpc0104
  • B Kelso, resident wants to support pickleball court idea. A Earls advocating for the federal lands along Mine Brook, between Pond St and i495; also abuts Maplegate. R Trahan, regarding the SNETT trail and improvements needed on Franklin side.#cpc0104
  • TA Hellen adds that lighting at King St is possible. Question would be where at King St. #cpc0104 Rec Director R Jette adds a reservation system is available. Costs have gone up, since this was done, other things are on the capital plan.
  • A caution on not all can be done at once, projects would need to be laid out so the staff could do them without contention, next meeting Jan 18; motion to adjourn, seconded, passes via aye vote (not roll call with 2 members on remote - oops) #cpc0104 
Listen to the meeting recording ->

Town of Franklin, MA: Community Preservation Committee - Jan 4, 2022
Town of Franklin, MA: Community Preservation Committee - Jan 4, 2022

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