Sunday, January 2, 2022

Franklin TV: Putter Day 2022!

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 01/02/2022

Once again, Putter Day (my fave ersatz holiday) returns.  I think of New Year’s Day as the wrapping paper for Putter Day, a day dedicated to trivial and pleasurable accomplishment.   While everyone else offers lip service to, “New year, New you”. Truly devoted putterers are making things happen. The ‘to-do’ list that languishes all year long? Putter Day is the day to tick off a few items. Come sundown on Jan the first, we putterers get to enjoy our ceremonial hands-on-hips power stance, offering our traditional Putter Day exclamation to all.  “My work here is done.”   It is a glorious moment for small accomplishments, self-actualization and fulfillment.
Putter Day 2022
Putter Day 2022

This year? Putter Day lands on a Saturday. Many of us putter on Saturdays. This can minimize the festive ‘can-do’ spirit of Putter Day. To make the most of the moment you can begin puttering on Putter Day Eve and then continue right through Sunday. You can also treat yourself to some nice hand tools at Home Depot.   (Putterers never have enough hand tools.)

Finally, there are some who think that Putter Day has something to do with golf. Not so. Putter is a verb. It’s not a golf club. I checked the ultimate authority on the English language – my OED, The Oxford English Dictionary. In sum, through four very detailed reference columns, OED describes puttering as the pleasurable doing of simple tasks. Putter Day – a holiday of purpose and progress.

May 2022 smile warmly, kindly upon us all. 
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