Thursday, January 6, 2022

"Private businesses often get caught in the crosshairs"

"WITH COVID CASES surging in Massachusetts and tests hard to come by, deciding what feels safe to do can be a moving target. But for one group at least, the decision is a lot easier. Those who are unvaccinated largely feel safe eating in restaurants, attending public places and events, and are hesitant to introduce more restrictions. Meanwhile, those who have been vaccinated or boosted are cautious to partake in many public activities and are calling for more strident stances on COVID-related mandates.

That’s according to the latest poll from the MassINC Polling Group, which surveyed 1,026 registered voters in Massachusetts in late December. The results highlight the irony that those who are the least protected against the virus are the least concerned, while those who have taken more precautions by getting vaccinated continue to be more cautious. 

Even in a state with one of the highest vaccination rates, the battle against COVID-19 is as much one of public attitudes as it is of public health infrastructure. "

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"Private businesses often get caught in the crosshairs"
"Private businesses often get caught in the crosshairs"

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