Thursday, January 6, 2022

Mass News Items of Note: 'qualified immunity' sharply divides commission; Allen unveils a 'democracy agenda'


"A SHARPLY DIVIDED commission established to study qualified immunity – a controversial legal doctrine that shields police officers and other public employees from liability from civil lawsuits – is recommending that lawmakers not change the law for at least two years.  
But the commission did recommend two changes that could make it easier for people to bring civil lawsuits against public employees in state courts, even with the qualified immunity doctrine unchanged. "
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"DEMOCRATIC GUBERNATORIAL candidate Danielle Allen unveiled a democracy agenda on Wednesday, outlining a host of initiatives to encourage greater voter participation and civic involvement and reduce the influence of money in politics.

Some of the proposals are part of the current debate on Beacon Hill — same-day voter registration, the establishment of Indigenous People’s Day as a state holiday, the creation of a new state flag, and allowing communities to embrace ranked-choice voting and a lower voting age without state approval."
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Allen led the Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship to produce a report "Our Common Purpose 

Her gubernatorial campaign ->

Allen unveils a 'democracy agenda'
Allen unveils a 'democracy agenda'

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