Saturday, January 8, 2022

Recap: Economic Development Subcommittee becomes a "plus group" as it starts "Franklin For All" zoning study

Quick Recap:
  • The promised zoning study for downtown Franklin kicked off at this meeting branded as "Franklin for All". Emma Battaglia, Senior Housing and Land Use Planner from MAPC, provided an overview of the project and Community Engagement Plan
  • "The EDC will serve alongside two representatives from the Planning Board, Greg Rondeau and Beth Weirling, and one representative from the ZBA, Bruce Hunchard, to form the “EDC+” “Franklin For All Steering Committee”
  • Stay tuned for focus groups and forum sessions (dates and times in the doc linked below) as the study works through its process.


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting via the Zoom conference bridge. 


Photos captured during the meeting can be found in one album

Note: for some reason, the way the presentation was displayed via Zoom, it did not enable me to go full screen to view each or any of the slides. So while I usually can grab some 'screen captures' that was not possible for this meeting and we will need to wait for the presentation doc to be posted (as was promised).

The presentation doc is available ->

The Twitter hashtag #edc0105 can be found online The thread begins with

  • Shifting zoom to the #edc0105 meeting in progress
  • Emma from presenting #edc0105 meeting agenda doc
  • Newsletter included the ink to the new 'Franklin for all' page referred to. Slides not previously shared. Not able to screen grab with current view of this hybrid meeting #edc0105
  • Link to new Franklin for all page… #edc0105
  • Communication materials to be developed for sharing, forum coming  Mar 7, 2022 #edc0105 
  • Opens ? To committee, need to define terms used, as Franklin center can mean multiple things. Will this address design too? Yes
  • Alternative trans methods? Through infrastructure aspects
  • Q on what can be done to address recalcitrant property owners? What can be done to get the owners to the table and involved? How do we get Dean involved too? #edc0105 Jan 24 forum with owners key. Presentation doc to be posted to ToF page later
  • How do you involve stakeholders that are not here? Aware of opportunity at forge park, owner not interested currently. That is a larger area of concern given the other stakeholders required. MassHighway, etc. #edc0105
  • Motion to adjourn, passes via aye vote and meeting ends. Up next Town Council at 7 #edc0105

Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days

The Community Engagement Plan can be found in the full agenda doc (linked above) or in the extracted section ->

Emma Battalgia, Senior Housing and Land Use Planner from MAPC
Emma Battaglia, Senior Housing and Land Use Planner from MAPC

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