Monday, November 11, 2019

School Committee recap for Oct 29, 2019

Catching up to the 'last' set of school committee meeting notes that I had not yet posted. This set covers the Oct 29, 2019 session.

The Superintendent's report
There was recognition of the five committee members who were not running for re-election as this would be their last meeting. The two incumbents running for election were successfully re-elected so their 'recognition' event is postponed to some future date.

Kelty Kelly, Principal of the ECDC, previewed the "developmental summary" for the children at the center. This is an age and developmentally appropriate 'report card' for this age group.  The Developmental Summary 

There was a long discussion over the multiple resolutions before the MASC conference where the committee also voted to appoint Chair Anne Bergen as their representative. This listing and details for the text for the resoluteness can be found in the packet

The October 1 Enrollment Report was made available. This is a key piece of info as the Oct 1 report is the 'control' number for all schools for the year. Clearly, there are some minor move in and adjustments as the school year progresses but this the 'stake in the ground' for reporting purposes.

With this meeting, the School Committee has also implemented for the first time, a practice that the Town Council has been using for some time: Actions Taken:

Additional details can be found in my notes reported live during the meeting:
  • Live reporting: Discussion Only Items through to Closing.
  • Live Reporting: ECDC Developmental Summary and Discussion.
  • Live reporting: School Committee - Oct 29, 2019
a photo from walking around the grey day that Oct 29 was in Franklin
a photo from walking around the grey day that Oct 29 was in Franklin

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