Saturday, November 16, 2019

“We create lifestyles for people”

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Ever since they began as makers of woolen fabric during the mid-19th century, operators of the sprawling mill on Franklin’s Union Street have found little ways to reinvent the building’s purpose - from making woolen uniforms for Union forces during the Civil War, to selling woolen remnants in the 1940s, to stocking millions of yards of fabrics and yarns, threads and ribbons, and offering classes to turn it all into something useful and beautiful. 
For more than 150 years, the mill has become a proud Franklin fixture - like a beloved, if worn, heirloom passed from generation to generation - and has continued to draw people through its doors: First to create, and then to inspire creativity. 
Once again, there is reinvention taking place within the faded brick walls of The Franklin Mill Store. The vision builds upon the success of the fabric and sewing supplies store and spins forward the notion of the mill as a place of creation and artistry, with an eye toward making the mill into a suburban iteration of the types of interior design centers that usually require a trip into a big city. 
The third-generation family textile business recently celebrated a soft launch of its newly renovated design center, and unveiled a new partnership with local artists that exhibits their work and offers it for sale to those who come to the center in search of fresh interior touches or entirely new interior design ideas."
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“We create lifestyles for people”
“We create lifestyles for people”

The Franklin Mill Store ( is well positioned in the "Crossing" section of Franklin which is also being planned for additional and appropriate economic development. If you have not yet answered the survey being conducted, please do so. You can find it on the Town’s Economic Development Site:

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