Wednesday, November 13, 2019

LIve reporting: Presentations - Open Meeting; Storm water

  • a. Town Attorney Mark Cerel Presentation

  • Open Meeting Law, Public Records, Public Hearings, and Ethics Presentation
remote participation must be of "unreasonable nature"
majority need to be present, all votes via role call

phone calls excluded from record keeping (as no technology can currently provide sufficient coverage)

segregate town from personal business

criminal statue
if you ask the ethics office for adivce, they can render a decision and assuming all facts are stated, it can be a safe harbor
if after the fact someone comes up with a incident, and you had not pre notified, then the Ethics commission acts as an investigatory body
applies to individual and ti immediate family members, a fairly broad group

conversation between individual and Ethics commission are confidential
conversation between Mark and individual are not necessarily

mandatory online training

self identify early on if a conflict, or potential

  • b. Stormwater Presentation and Discussion

  • i. Town Administrator Introduction Memo

  • ii. Public Works PowerPoint Presentation

  • iii. Stormwater Management Plan (393 Page document; 8MB PDF)

  • iv. Stormwater Brochures History

suit against EPA in mediation right now, not much can be said about it

no other community outside of Boston has gotten more grant money than Franklin

study was funded in 2007 to develop the utility 

$800K over and above standard DPW budget required to meet EPA permit for storm water management

10 million sq ft of impervious coverage added since 2011; an indicator of the growth we have

"I suggested that we should rake the state forest, and the EPA liked that" 

Q what is noncompliance with the EPA?
still early yet, more consent decrees now; usually need to do it faster than it had been planned for; only 2nd year of the new permit

Q - why us?
it is based upon the watershed, only 2% goes off to the Blackstone, 98% goers to the Charles

a little bit every year helps, the memo outlines other communities implementing this as well.

well or septic doesn't matter for this new utility fee

Q - road and sidewalk reduction was also in regards to reducing the impervious coverage, yes we are doing that

we should be focusing on getting with other communities (i.e. Cambridge) to work out the details of cross credits

Dellorco - all the rivers in MA are polluted, they built factories on them, that the problem

send out the bill with $0, that is the best way to start the education; a great way to get the attention; we started in 2007, now it is 2019

I'd rather get ahead of the EPA and a consent order. Well it is a bill but it is zero, why? it is a start

the toxic bloom has only happened once in four years, how do we sell that?

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