Sunday, November 10, 2019

Live & Lively; A first for wfpr●fm

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director, Franklin●TV and wfpr●fm

On Tuesday evening we began a new adventure. wfpr●fm went live for the first time since we began broadcasting on 102.9 almost three years ago. Normally, we run recorded programs and music where other radio stations are live every day with news programs, talk shows and so on. When you are a verrrry tiny community station with no budget and no real staff to speak of, cobbling a group of five technical and on-air folks in common cause to pilot a live event takes a bit of doing – and caring.

Huge thanks to Steve Sherlock and Frank Falvey for interviewing folks at the polls and making it all come together. Thanks to Jim Johnston for his always entertaining commentary, and to Diane Joyce for her added touches of professional polish.

Thanks also to Marc Berman and Keith Palmieri at the technical helm. They made it all work smoothly.

Note that so many folks are smiling. An election is a special gathering. We come together, enjoying each other’s company, if only for a moment, a nod, a wave – but we are together – as a community. Our community.

See you soon – on the radio.

Franklin election day panorama - Nov 5, 2019 (P Fasciano photo)
Franklin election day panorama - Nov 5, 2019  (P Fasciano photo)
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