Tuesday, November 12, 2019

New storm water utlility fee proposal - Town Council meeting Nov 13

New storm water utility fee ("tax") proposal up for discussion at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019.

Given this is in response to questionable EPA requirements (#1), given the EPA regulation process is potential revised (#2) Why are we doing this?

  • EPA permits PFAS to flow into drinking water
  • While local authorities objected and now Lowell officials will stop the process

  • EPA to limit science in rule development

Storm water Presentation & Discussion
  • i. Town Administrator Introduction Memo
  • ii. Public Works PowerPoint Presentation

  • iii. Storm water Management Plan (393 Page document; 8MB PDF)
  • iv. Storm water Brochures History

rain garden doing what it is supposed to, catch the rain and let the ground soak it in
rain garden doing what it is supposed to, catch the rain and let the ground soak it in

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