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Davis Thayer Facility Analysis Subcommittee - Recap -Dec 9, 2020

Quick Recap:
  • Meeting discussion jumped right into a dressing down of the KBA representative for some errors discovered in the presentation that were suspected to invalidate the report and conclusions. He admitted and apologized for the copy/paste errors in the presentation doc but the errors in no way changed/affected the conclusion. One of the inconsistencies was around the use of various capacity terms (functional capacity, building capacity, etc.) which were all defined in the appendix
  • Brief update on the demographics forecast. Ultimately very close to what was forecasted and Franklin is doing better in retaining students that have left other districts due to concerns over COVID-19
  • Reviewed the survey results (doc not shared yet - some photos of the results captured during the meeting) 
  • Budget info required is nearing completion and will be ready for the January meeting (Date TBD)

Photos captured during the remote meeting and shared with Twitter can be found in one album

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #dtfa1209 

Updated facility analysis report
  • Davis Thayer Facility Analysis subcommittee meeting begins, Real time reporting underway. Page 11 graph a duplicate band doesn't affect final results, some other numbers were transpositions and don't affect the overall modeling or conclusions #dtfa1209
  • Concerns about accuracy missed in final report, not material to overall conclusion. Committee expected not to have to go over it with a fine tooth comb. #dtfa1209 central office focused on the qualitative factors in their review. Superintendent embarrassed by miss too
  • Formal apology made by KBA, a parent had done the discovery. Definitions for capacity differences found in appendix; school vs functional, vs building,  did share the calculation models separately so the calculation could be seen. Page 48-52 when schools are combined #dtfa1209
  • Difference on capacity calculation between middle vs elementary schools; Keller and Sullivan, Jefferson and Remington, Oak and Horace Mann; capacity changes in the combination. #dtfa1209
  • Also due to the schedule difference between middle/elementary; elementary generally in a home base, and when they go to their special it leaves behind and empty room, hence a calculation difference. Think of rooms being occupied and it may help. #dtfa1209
  • Moving to McKibbens update, #dtfa1209 basically a lower number of students most change in pre K and K, a situation across MA due to COVID. Other districts seeing 3.5 - 7 point loss (we are only 2.2%) housing sales 278 single family this year, actually assumed 275 annually
  • The real estate makes sense under the pandemic as well with the reported move from urban to suburban areas. #dtfa1209 hence a validation of forecast and assumptions. Moving to survey results, agreement on using responses as submitted
  • #dtfa1209 next up, timeline on budgetary info. Why can't we be faster about the numbers? (Getting ready for FinComm mtg next week). Could amend charter of this Committee to include Parmenter, or defer it to the full Committee (and separate team/policy study)
  • Special programs not considered in the KBA report, Parmenter houses a program that has been growing and a space requirement to be considered. #dtfa1209 data is about 80-90% done just not ready for presentation tonight. Set next date to meet, early January.
  • Motion to adjourn #dtfa1209 passes 3-0 via roll call

screen grab of one of the pages of survey results being analyzed by the subcommittee
screen grab of one of the pages of survey results being analyzed by the subcommittee

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