Saturday, December 19, 2020

"Electric trolleys, also known as streetcars, were a common mode of conveyance"

Interesting article on transportation of the past. Franklin also had trolley cars operating in the same period.
"Marlborough – A century ago, the city of Marlborough had an arguably more robust public transit system than it does today. It was possible to travel south to the Southborough border, north to Hudson, and east and west across the city on Main Street, all thanks to the Marlborough Street Railway Company. Electric trolleys, also known as streetcars, were a common mode of conveyance in numerous cities in the United States beginning in the 1880s. By 1895 the country had nearly 900 trolley companies running on over 10,000 miles of track.

It was possible to travel to additional destinations outside Marlborough using other trolley companies. The Marlborough and Westborough Street Railway ran from North Grafton, Westborough and Southborough to Marlborough, providing transportation to Westborough’s Lake Chauncy, which had an amusement park and dance pavilion, and the state hospital. The Worcester and Marlborough Street Railway also had a trolley line that ran from Marlborough westward through Northborough and Shrewsbury to Worcester."

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