Wednesday, December 16, 2020

CommonWealth Magazine: Gov Baker gives 'mixed messages'; "DeLeo, Spilka seek to overturn Baker abortion amendment "

From CommonWealth Magazine we share two articles of interest for Franklin

Baker’s deliberate mixed message on COVID-19 

"MIXED MESSAGES are not usually held up as a quality of good leadership, but a lot of things have been different about life amid a global pandemic.

That included Gov. Charlie Baker’s State House briefing on Tuesday where he offered a very calculated mix of hope and dire warning with Christmas approaching. Baker implored Massachusetts residents not to let their guard down — even as the first coronavirus vaccines are administered and it becomes easier to imagine an end to the viral nightmare that has upended life for the past nine months.

Baker’s plea for continued vigilance against the virus came after the state experienced a resurgence of COVID-19 cases that has been tied to informal family gatherings over Thanksgiving.

“That’s where the virus thrives,” he said of casual get-togethers. “And over Thanksgiving in Massachusetts it clearly did.”

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Gov Baker's press conference on Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020 =

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DeLeo, Spilka seek to overturn Baker abortion amendment
"HOUSE SPEAKER Robert DeLeo said the House plans to overturn Gov. Charlie Baker’s amendment to an abortion provision in the state budget on Wednesday, and Senate President Karen Spilka said the Senate will act promptly once the House is finished.

The announcements by the two leaders on Tuesday set the stage for a high-stakes battle between the governor and the Legislature over the issue of abortion. Legislative leaders are characterizing the language they passed as necessary at a time when the US Supreme Court appears to be controlled by opponents of abortion, while Baker suggest his amended version goes far enough.

“The proposal we made, if enacted, would give Massachusetts some of the broadest and most significant reproductive health rights in the United States,” the governor said at a State House press conference."
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New info on holiday gatherings =>
New info on holiday gatherings =>

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