Monday, December 14, 2020

FAQs for #ThinkFranklinFirst gift cards

It's been two weeks since our #ThinkFranklinFirst Gift Cards launched and we are so happy with the amazing response!  

We wanted to share a few frequently asked questions with the community: 
  1. Cards can be purchased for ANY denomination if they are bought at Dean Bank. Cards purchased online at have a $25 minimum, due to processing fees.  
  2. Cards can be purchased with cash only at Dean Bank, and with credit/debit cards online.
  3. This program is not only running during the holiday season! It is our hope that these cards become part of the Franklin shop local mentality. The cards do not have an expiration date.
  4. The list of participating businesses will continue to evolve.  Check the website for the most current list.
  5. The businesses listed have agreed to accept and honor the cards at their locations, although you may not be able to add a tip on the cards. Please be prepared for that 🙂 
  6. A printable list of Participating Businesses is now available on our website here
  7. And finally, this is purely an Economic Development initiative! Businesses are 100% reimbursed for any cards redeemed at their location. 

Thank you for your continued support! 
  • Dean Bank 
  • Random Smile Project

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FAQs for #ThinkFranklinFirst gift cards
FAQs for #ThinkFranklinFirst gift cards

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