Tuesday, December 15, 2020

There was a hashtag, soon there'll be tone indicators

This came across the radar last week but got dropped and is definitely share worthy.

"Tone Is Hard to Grasp Online. Can Tone Indicators Help?

We all struggle to communicate on the internet. Now, young people are leading a sincere effort to clear things up.

Written language is an imperfect method for the messy, complex business of communication, where facial expressions, gestures and vocal tones transmit oceans of meaning and subtext — for those, at least, who can read them.

Words themselves offer none of that: In a famous study, Albert Mehrabian, a psychology professor at U.C.L.A., found that humans tend to perceive only a fragment of a speaker’s meaning through spoken words. Instead, he observed, most meaning is gleaned from body language and tone of voice.

In a text-only environment, how can we ever be certain other people understand what we mean when we post online? Enter tone indicators. "

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