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Town Administrator Review session Dec 16, 2020 - recap

Quick Recap:
  • Since I missed the first of these review sessions, it was interesting to try and make sense of what was being done. The Town Council goals and objectives (set in a working session at the beginning of the year) become Jamie's goals. This review was to mark and discuss progress on them. More of the discussion seemed to be on the next steps or what's left to be done than, this is what you did and how well you (we) did. (my two cents)
  • The document (linked to)  picked up on the Recreation/Open space section and was completed during this session. The report from the subcommittee will come before the Council sometime in the near future.
  • No surprise and I think most folks would agree, the work done by the Town executed by Jamie (and overseen by the Council) has done quite well during this challenging pandemic year.
  • "Your performance has been commendable"

Photos captured during the remote/hybrid session and shared via Twitter can be found in one folder
As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tarjh1216 

  • Real time reporting underway for the Town Administrator Review, a continuation from the Dec 2 meeting (I missed that one) #tarjh1216
  •  Picked up on the Recreation/Open space section which straddles pages 6-7 of the doc linked #tarjh1216
  • Question on the remediation of the invasive plants floating at DelCarte (actually a meeting for me in queue to talk with Conservation agent on this item) concern about keeping this in the radar as it will take time #tarjh1216
  • The SNETT section between Grove and Union is owned by CSX. Until it is available, can do much planning for it. #tarjh1216 shouldn't it be part of the open space or rec or master plan?
  • If we at least layout the desire and plan for the trail section. It is something to refer to. #tarjh1216 how do you get from Grove St to DelCarte? The map could at least provide some options. (Aside: since I didn't get 2 the first one, this seems like an odd approach 2 a review)
  • ( aside: cont'd - There seems to be more discussion on what should be for futures rather then an evaluation of what was done);  adding the netting to the high school fields. #tarjh1216 next set - Community
  • Acceptance of public ways, funded for take over but that doesn't include the road rebuild if required. #tarjh1216 a map of where to find the electric charging stations. Maybe future subdivisions get set for private ways so owners would maintain
  • Finalizing the three year collective bargaining cycle is a great goal accomplished. Makes sense to have them together. Municipal aggregation in place, less than 5% opted out. Substantial amount of Community still don't understand it #tarjh1216 look at ways to improve comms
  • #tarjh1216 question on the 5G bylaw, requires additional equipment, smaller range but better signal. Have Verizon in to present an overview of what it is and how it works. There is not a lot we can do, the bylaw is to protect private property from the installation of equipment
  • In the research to avoid ending up in court, it needs to be simple. Protects public property and so we know what is around the Community. #tarjh1216 moving to civic engagement. Civic academy on hold, survey possible (sometime)
  • #ThinkFranklinFirst has been a success in the early days. Investing in cloud based technology has positioned us to do business online, which saved us during COVID. Unipay does allow for online payment of water, sewer, trash, etc. #tarjh1216
  • #tarjh1216 what is a citizens academy? Seen elsewhere, structured differently to get into more of the municipal process and workings of town government. BTW subcommittee is Jones (chair), Mercer, Kelly, and Pellegri. Next up presentations and discussions list completed
  • Except for master plan update and charter review which is likely up for 1Q. #tarjh1216 next up thoughts, etc. Added to the prior listing during the year. EPA still cleaning up 300 Fisher st, it will take another 3-5 years. National Grid has made improvements already
  • Clearly not the items scheduled to start in April. #tarjh1216 we are as far along as we could be in these circumstances. What is vision or priority not historical homes? List provided by the Assessors. Try to get a priority listing from historical commission.
  • #tarjh1216 let's talk COVID, there is a lot into addressing the goals this past year. Everyone was flexible and continues to be so. The COVID section was added as it was not planned for but was a key workload during the recent months. $4.5m in Federal aid, it expires 12/31/20
  • Not likely to get additional with the rumored help from Congress possible before year end. UV project being worked this week. Three campus schools possible to be completed by 12/31 micro grants processed should have some participation locally. #tarjh1216
  • Thanks to the Council for supporting the fee reduction. This chamber is upgraded with tech to support the meetings, other Communities come here to see how we do it. #tarjh1216 it is an incredibly difficult environment but we have come together and be successful
  • Kudos to Chrissy for work on the micro grants. Feel bad we couldn't help some of our small businesses but that was set by others. Folks may have a hard time understanding the coordinating to get things accomplished during COVID #tarjh1216
  • Concern over expense of the PPE required for 1Q, where will the money come from for that? #tarjh1216 everybody has stepped up to make it through 2020. "Your performance has been commendable" motion to adjourn, second, passes 4-0 
Town Administrator Review subcommittee Chair Glenn Jones
Town Administrator Review subcommittee Chair Glenn Jones

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