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EDC Business Listening Session #3 - recap - Dec 9, 2020

Quick Recap:
  • Disappointing turnout for session, only one business owner present, although business groups (Downtown Partnership and United Chamber) present along with Representative Jeff Roy
  • Success of the tax increment financing (TIF) tool as an incentive to attract business to Franklin (i.e. Tegra Medical, Cold Chain)
  • Updates on development work along Grove St and Kenwood Circle as infrastructure is critical for business relocation considerations
  • tech difficulty disrupted the meeting as the Council Chamber was disconnected from the Zoom meeting but was able to reconnect in a few minutes
  • Next session Jan 13, 2021
Photos captured during the remote meeting and shared with Twitter can be found in one album

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #edc1209

Listening session #3 agenda 

Listening session schedule

  • Shifting to the EDC business listening session that started at 6:30PM #edc1209
  • Disappointed to see such a low turnout for the listening session. #dtfa1209 Franklin is ideally positioned to pick up the 'slack' as whomever leaves the urban areas. Rep Roy adds that getting the platinum rating for biotech is helpful, continue on those lines
  • TIF's are a great way to attract business. Tegra Medical, Cold Chain, these are prime examples. Contollo landed a Federal contract and is scaling up to deliver that order. #edc1209 quality of school system is key to attract a company and in turn, it attract employees
  • There is industrial space available, Tegra is expanding here and expecting to expand further. #edc1209 life science companies doing well. Forge Park, Constitution blvd, and Grove St are the 3 main areas here in Franklin. Looking for traffic studies to adjust light timing
  • MEMA is now located here (and a ribbon cutting when safe) #edc1209 smaller grow facilities for cannabis companies. Infrastructure is a big attraction for companies. New warehouse actually put Franklin on their intro video touting out permitting process
  • New businesses coming to Grove St an indication of what can happen. Didn't get state grant but based upon feedback with Roy/Spilka offices to reattempt a grant application, including road rebuild at Kenwood Circle. #edc1209 word of mouth is out there
  • Jack Lank (URCC) confirms previous comments on Franklin's reputation for the permit process. #edc1209 a neighbor town with a cannabis retail operations is generating a big check for the municipal org with sales skyrocketing.
  • Blank screen for council chamber does not affect the broadcast of the session the live stream is fine screen grabs shared #dtfa1209
  • #dtfa1209 the short videos are being redone to update them as they are 'aged' somewhat (i.e. done before the new FHS building came online)  Franklin does have a YouTube page.  (yes, incorrect hashtag - used prior meeting one not this one for this meeting)
  • What's update on power outages affects business as well as residential. There was a Nov 18 Town Council meeting with a segment on this. The bulk of the tree removals required are private landowners. The public ways have been addressed #dtfa1209
  • A new line has been installed to help address the Grove St line in the meantime. In April nationalGrid will begin another infrastructure project for the area. #dtfa1209 suggestion to do more than social media to help awareness on mask requirements (sign board, police display)
  • Council chamber dropped from meeting so we lost them from the Zoom session, they eventually got another laptop to connect to rejoin the rest of us on the Zoom session #edc1209
  • Next session Jan 13, 2021. Motion to adjourn, second, passes 3-0 (Bissanti left earlier) (Hamblen, Jones, Chandler present at end) #edc1209
  • That's all for tonight folks, catch you next time!
EDC Business Listening Session #3 - recap - Dec 9, 2020
EDC Business Listening Session #3 - recap - Dec 9, 2020

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