Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Recap: Community Preservation Committee approves meeting schedule, reviews sample plans/applications, sets Jan 4 and 18 as public hearings

Quick Recap:

  • A short 21 minute meeting saw the introduction of new member Rick Power. He will represent the Planning Board and was unable to vote until formally approved by the Town Council.
  • The proposed schedule of meetings for 2022 mostly Tuesday nights to avoid conflict with School Committee and other meetings in the Council Chambers was approved by 8-0 vote.
  • Discussion on sample plans and applications used by other communities. Watertown's plan and Concord's application were touted and generally received agreement to be used as the 'template' for the Franklin version
  • Public hearings scheduled for Jan 4 and Jan 18 to allow the community to provide input and suggestions to develop the 'wish list' for how the CPA funds can be used.


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting in the Council Chambers. 


The Twitter hashtag #CPC1207 can be found online The thread begins with 

  • getting ready for the Community Preservation Committee meeting tonight - agenda doc ->…  #cpc1207
  • meeting opens, motion to approve minutes of Oct 2021, passes 8-0 - new member representing the planning board is here listening/observing, can't officially vote yet (requires Town Council approval). #cpc1207
  • discussion on proposed scheduled for meetings for 2022; motion to approve, passes 8-0 #cpc1207  (BTW - Rick Power is the representative from the Planning Board)
  • discussion on CPC application and sample plans from other communities - see links in the agenda doc…  #cpc1207
  • two public hearings scheduled for Jan 4 and 18 to enable community input for the 'wish list' for which to use the CPA funds available in Nov/Dec 2022 #cpc1207
  • Watertown plan touted as a good sample (side note, Watertown leveraged our charter once upon a time) #cpc1207 Concord application touted as a good one for consideration as a guide for Franklin's development
  • The Town does have their own items for the 'wish list' one can look to the capital requests and see what of those make sense to use with CPA vs. remaining on the list for use with capital funds (i.e. free cash) #ccp1207
  • consideration of applications as 'rolling' but have some level of 'cutoff' to enable the due diligence and prioritization to being before CPC for approval and then the Town Council #cpc1207
  • expectation of the 4th and 18th is to open the listening session for ideas of possible use of the CPA funds #cpc1207
  • motion to adjourn, passes 8-0 #cpc1207

Audio file ->

Recap: Community Preservation Committee
Recap: Community Preservation Committee

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