Thursday, December 9, 2021

Recap: Board of Health hears multiple updates; congratulates staff on vaccine clinic success (audio)

Quick Recap:
  • Status update on 27 Winter St heard, keeping eye on progress, owner may need to appear for Feb 2022 meeting if no action taken for demolition of building
  • Nurse picked up contact tracing as collaborative ended in November; starting health check for Central Park Terrace residents
  • Both COVID-19 vaccine clinics for the youth went well with over 280 does delivered each time. Kudos to the team for great execution, thanks is not enough!


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter while I attended the meeting via the Zoom conf bridge. 


The Twitter hashtag #BoH1208 can be found online The thread begins with

Board of Health agenda doc ->  

  • Real time reporting for the Board of Health meeting underway, #BoH1208, approved minutes by 3-0 vote via roll call, status of 27 Winter St some evidence of work around building/property, should have an update for Jan 2022 from owner …
  • Per carryover from prior meeting, if no progress owner due at Feb meeting. Update from nurse, COVID clinic success, some doses left over; also visiting Central Park Terrace to do health checks and address items as they arise. #BoH1208
  • Contact tracing collaborative ended in Nov, nurse Alisha now picking up that contact tracing as needed. #BoH1208 discussion on monthly meeting dates, possible adjustments to Jun/Jul dates sliding one week; discussion non text around Title V change in language to clarify … 
  • To be brought to a future agenda for a formal hearing, reading of potential change to alleviate duplication of effort. #BoH1208 worth noting that clinic performance was well done, staff, volunteers, etc.  very well done and received, thank you is hollow!
  • Motion to adjourn, passes 3-0 via roll call #BoH1208

 Meeting audio ->

Recap: Board of Health hears multiple updates
Recap: Board of Health hears multiple updates

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