Friday, September 22, 2023

Davis Thayer Reuse Cmte sets 2 dates for open house to walk through; Fri Oct 20, & Sat, Oct 21

The Davis Thayer Reuse Advisory Committee met as scheduled on Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023. The Franklin TV video is available for replay ->

Quick recap:
  • Recreation could use the space, would likely not need all of it. Concerned about the expense of renovation for the facility. Are outgrowing their Beaver St location and could use more space. Possible to combine with some arts and recreation usage 
  • Police not really interested in building or location (land). Per their initial and unofficial planning, the land is short of what they estimate (only 3.8 via 5 acres), and as has been revealed the building would require significant structural renovation to be used for a station. Much discussion and insights revealed around the comparison of police & fire use of their facilities. Police Building committee on their path to do a Request for a Proposal (RFP) for an Owner Project Manager (OPM), get an architect and start confirming the requirements, etc. Per state building process, the OPM is critical and really "owns' the process of determining the outcomes (coordinating with the Town and committee of course).
  • Housing uses were briefly touched upon. While arts & cultural uses were mentioned, no one spoke to this during the session.
  • Much discussion around the clean out to prepare for the open house/walk through and insistence of some to make some of the stuff (i.e. mostly junk) available for "the community" to go and pick if they want. Still to be worked out. The dates for the walk through were set as Friday, Oct 20 from 2 to 5 PM and Saturday, Oct 21 from 10 to 2 PM
My notes can be found in one PDF ->

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