Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Franklin School Committee hears and approves of the school improvement plans from all the schools in the District (video)

The Franklin School Committee met as scheduled on Tuesday evening Sep 26, 2023 in the Council Chambers. 6 members participated (one absent (Charles)).

Brief recap
  • The meeting focused on the next level of the District Improvement Plan which was introduced in the prior meeting. Administrators from the High school and middle schools, then the elementary schools presented how their goals are tied and support the overall goals
  • As revealed during the presentations and follow on clarification, the goals are intended to be consistent across the district. The goals focus on the key efforts underway and refining within them, for example in social emotional learning (SEL)
  • During the discussion the cost of the multi-tiered levels of support was raised, and the answer was impactful - "What is the cost of not providing it (such support)?"
  • As the improvement plans came up for a vote to approve, the vote passed 6-0 on the plans as modified during the discussion (minor adjustment to a piece of the elementary section)
Franklin TV video is available for replay on YouTube ->

Franklin, MA: School Committee - Meeting Agenda - Sep 26, 2023 at 7 PM
Franklin, MA: School Committee - Meeting Agenda - Sep 26, 2023 at 7 PM

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