Sunday, September 24, 2023

Franklin TV: The Senior Writers Group – Book Launch - Sep 26 at 10 AM

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 09/24/2023

Oh yes, we did. Our third Writers Book will be officially launched at the Senior Center on Tuesday morning (09/26/23) at 10 AM.

Book Launch
Writings from the Senior Scribblers
Third Edition – by Scribblers Press

This time we arranged for our collected works to be beautifully printed and bound as a self-micro-published run of 100*. 

It’s a real book book – 77 pages of collected writings and storytelling. Simple stories? Personal adventures? Musings? Poems?

There’s something for every reader.

It’s not in The Library of Congress. You won’t find it on Amazon or Google Books. It’s available only at the Franklin Senior Center. Come to our great unveiling, Tuesday, Sept 26 at 10 AM.

Join us for selected readings and copies of our latest ‘best seller’. The N Y Times literary critic wasn’t extended a special invitation. Not even Oprah’s Book Club. Just you.

Do you have some stories and scribbles in you? You can be part of our next book. 

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm. 
And, thank you for watching.

* Note - of the 100 copies, the contributors got their share and there are 45 available for first come, first serve at the book launch.

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