Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Finance Committee - Budget Hearing #4 - 6/04/20 Recap

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #fincom0604

  • Getting ready for real time reporting for final Budget hearing for FY21 tonight #fincom0604
  • Agenda for today's session can be found https://franklinma.gov/sites/franklinma/files/agendas/2020-06-04_finance_committee_agenda_2.pdf #fincom0604
  • FinComm Chair Mike Dufour opens meeting, real time reporting underway #fincom0604 - he runs through Committee roll call and that of staff, as well as meeting protocol
  • Motion to approve minutes of 6/2 meeting, seconded, passed via roll call 7-0 (2 absent) #fincom0604
  • First up Health budget, inspections happening, this year construction underway already funded by banks, etc. Next year (FY21) would be different given the re-opening response/ramp up #fincom0604 correction on vote shd be 8-0 (1 absent)
  • Currently behind on food inspections, usually do 2x year, stopped in March, behind by 67, consultant will help catch up #fincom0604
  • Karen Alves retiring later this year, Erin Rogers replacing Karen and overlap for some months as transition
  • Senior Center, no questions from committee tonight. #fincom0604 veteran's services, Dale in joint venture with Avon and Norfolk County, added Deborah as part of contract renewal to provide the additional support and services, added Purple Heart Community
  • Next up recreation, 25% reduction due to pandemic situation, could increase depending upon opening stats and state funding #fincom0604 rec Dept is generally self funding as registration fees provide funding
  • Next up, historical museum - Rebecca Finnegan, the Town archivist online tonight. Next historical commission, minor amount. Cultural Council up next, budget pays for mini grants #fincom0604
  • Next up cultural district Committee, small amount $1,000.0 only 2 other communities in MetroWest so we are in select company. #fincom0604 next up debt service, chart with current line items covered shown
  • Next up Library; last year got off the waiver list with increase in budget by meeting the minimum annual requirements, #fincom0604 this amount for FY 21 is exact amount for MAR, if further reductions required this would be in jeopardy
  • Growth in attendance and circulation provided in data. Sign out front was changed #fincom0604
  • A good health insurance advisory group helps to coordinate the plans and changes across the bargaining units, market research, plan design, cost better managed, huge uptick in HSA option from employees #fincom0604
  • Next up Liability insurance, safety committee works to reduce workplace injuries through training, awareness, the success has generated awards and reductions in cost #fincom0604
  • GIC is always considered as a bench mark but it generally doesn't work out better for us, they usually have less benefits and more costs, and once in you're stuck for three years. #fincom0604 we get to control our destiny better this way
  • First vote to approve budget as proposed, passed 8-0 via roll call #fincom0604 additional items for vote in this doc https://franklinma.gov/town-budget/files/fin-com-docs motion made, seconded, passed 8-0. final resolution voting authorization passed 8-0 via roll call
  • Next up capital funding authorization to cover $15m as detailed in the sheet shown #fincom0604 in the tech line item, Chromebooks like will not have to be funded, may be able to get a grant to cover those. This list other than top item is not a priority list order  
  • Good to have the capacity for funding, a low interest rate, likely lower construction costs and a good bond rating, we could bring a project on to accomplish something for less #fincom0604 retirement assessment increase not unsurprising, concerning
  • Thanks to Mike Dufour for his service with FinCom, he is not returning next fiscal year. He acknowledges a privilege to serve in this role. Motion to adjourn, via roll call 8-0.#fincom0604
  • This completes reporting tonight, catch you all next time! #fincom0604

Finance Committee - Budget Hearing #4 - 6/04/20 Recap
Finance Committee - Budget Hearing #4 - 6/04/20 Recap

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