Thursday, June 11, 2020

Senator Rausch: COVID-19 Update #23

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dear friends,

The current national conversation and activism on police brutality, racial justice, and the indisputable importance of Black lives is absolutely vital and long overdue. That fight continues in our district, across the Commonwealth, and throughout the country in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous, and all PoC neighbors. I am all in, and will continue working with and amplifying the leadership of my colleagues of color in the Legislature to enact statewide structural change legislation.

We are fighting two pandemics at the same time: structural racism and inequity, manifesting not only in law enforcement but also in health care, education, housing, and nearly every other facet of society; and also the coronavirus.

This week marks 3 months since the Governor issued the COVID-19 state of emergency. These months have been deeply difficult for all of us and our loved ones. I remain steadfast in my efforts to protect public health and provide our residents, business owners, and communities with the support they both need and deserve. In particular, I am very concerned about child care. The recently issued guidance leaves little room for daycares and summer camps to actually reopen, and several that hoped to operate this summer are now unable to do so, despite solid planning to protect the health and safety of children, parents, and staff. 

Child care is infrastructure, and our economy cannot truly rebound without it. Our schools are in the same boat, as the recently issued guidance indicates that every school or district will need to procure their own PPE in order to reopen. We can't function like this. I'm working on it, and I'll keep you posted. Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook for real-time updates.

If you or any of your loved ones in my district have fallen on hard times during this public health crisis and need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office. My team and I are hard at work connecting constituents with resources they need, whether it is collecting unemployment benefits, accessing food stamps, reaching state agencies, and more. My office line is 617-722-1555 and my email is We are here to help.

Wishing you and your families strength, health, and resilience.

Yours in service,

Senator Becca Rausch

Senator Rausch: COVID-19 Update #23
Senator Rausch: COVID-19 Update #23

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