Friday, June 12, 2020

Economic Development SubCommittee - June 10, 2020 - Recap

As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online #edc0610

  • Real time reporting underway for Economic Development subcommittee #edc0610 Chair Hamblen opens meeting and reads protocol for conduct of meeting. Hamblen, Bissanti, Jones present, Earls not present at start
  • Hazard mitigation plan still being worked, will require a public hearing likely later this fall. Market analysis draft coming in couple of weeks, likely to be queued for Council meeting in Jul/Aug #edc0610 CDBG Community development block Grant application in process
  • Moving on to Phase II re-opening update, Chrissy did great work putting the paperwork together for outdoor dining, bunch of applications in, some in process, some need supplies to open, likely to gradually come on. Those already approved for outdoor don't need this #edc0610
  • Application for outdoor dining is meant to be a one stop item, fees waived for inspection but tent permit is required #edc0610 safety is key for enjoying the outdoor atmosphere
  • 25% current capacity, hence reservation to control, maybe in Phase 3 will get to 50%, can't drink inside so not sure why that is today, maybe it will change. stay tuned. Local case count trending down, which is good. #edc0610 no more questions on re-opening
  • Moving on to lot line adjustments, along Oak St this time, map being shared via screen #edc0610 there will be more of these coming, let me know how quickly you want these. This one easier than others
  • Motion to move to Council, passed 4-0 via roll call (Earls did arrive in time to vote) #edc0610 next up snow shoveling bylaw had been on the books, had been rescinded due to lack of enforcement, this has now been reworked (map shown) for discussion
  • 38 miles of sidewalk to be plowed after the roads are cleaned after the snow storm ends. Map would be referred to as part of the bylaw. #edc0610 snow discussion getting complicated, so many opportunities, can't be resolved by one rule
  • Snow is different depending upon the nature of the storm itself, timing to get to clear it, maybe create a snow crew to clear the downtown area. May not be able to do one deal, may need to divvy it up. To at least foster the discussion to a resolution #edc0610
  • Motion to move item to Council for a full discussion, passed 4-0 via roll call, moving on to inclusionary bylaw #edc0610 market analysis as mentioned due in July, an amount of data on housing coming in that report.
  • View the current goals for inclusionary zoning (IZ) in the doc (last memo of the set in the PDF) #edc0610 Taberner reviews the key items in the memo, 40b is state and takes precedent when under 10%, consider IZ as our local version of 40b
  • Multiple options available for IZ, could add TIF financing, Planning Board would approve IZ, ZBA does the 40b approvals. #edc0610 look at density incentives, may need to adjust other areas of bylaws today. Consider 'middle income' housing as well
  • Good idea to bring in the affordable municipal housing trust to this. There are a lot of views on this and it has to work for the Town, for the developers, or if we did put it in, it wouldn't be used. #edc0610 what is affordable (for Franklin)? If the figure exists
  • Are Sec 8 housing counted for the affordable housing numbers? Are they included in the 10%? Why restriction to multiple units, why not include smaller single family homes? #edc0610 questions needing answers but not expecting answers tonight - Halligan
  • Per Cerel, Sec 8 doesn't qualify as it needs to be a deed restriction. Bigger issue is that the standard is set by Boston and may not apply here. #edc0610 Padula look at the reason why IZ was brought in, to bring low income to the suburbs in appts and multiple units 
  • Padula - meant for low income, is it possible for folks to put on ballot? Per Cerel previously, no. #edc0610 motion to adjourn, second, 4-0 via roll call. 
  • That completes the reporting for today (yahoo!) Catch you all next time #edc0610
screen grab of meeting opening
screen grab of meeting opening

screen grab of plot line cleanup
screen grab of plot line cleanup

screen grab of sidewalk snow clearing map
screen grab of sidewalk snow clearing map

screen grab of key page for inclusionary zoning proposal
screen grab of key page for inclusionary zoning proposal

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